Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello my dear friends!  I am very saddened to report that our main computer with all of our picture files has crashed!!  We are unable to post pictures of all of the great decorated cookies that I have received this month!!  Thank you to all of you that have given me your pictures...please be patient with us and I will try to post them as soon as I am able!  I am using an older computer that cannot accept downloads right now so I can only send you these sad little messages and cannot send cheer your way with a happy treat pictures!  I will just have to lift my drooping chin up and imagine that my blog is more exciting for now.   For all of you that have been anxiously awaiting my September drawing details.  Don't worry.  I will try to cheer you up with the fact that even though September is almost gone we will be having a drawing.  You all should be happy to know that I am going to enter ALL of  YOU my bloggers into this months drawing.  ONLY THOSE WHO ARE A PART OF OUR BLOG or who join our blog by the end of this month will be entered.  IF you are interested in increasing your chances.  I need you go to our site and pick out your favorite ecrandal cutter shape and come back here and share with me your choice.  I will then enter your name TWICE into our drawing.  Also, if you refer a friend who joins this month I will enter you AGAIN as well as your friend.  But, they have to tell me that you referred them, otherwise I am sadly unaware of your friendship to one another! 
OKAY, that's it for now

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello everyone!  We have returned from out trip...did you miss me?? We were gone a bit longer that we expected.  I wanted to say that we were overwhelmed with all of the support you all gave to us by taking advantage of our special while we were gone.  A BIG THANK YOU to you!  Now, to fill all of those orders!!!  Eric will probably not be getting much sleep in the next few weeks-lol!
I suppose you are all anxious to hear the results of our August drawing winners.  Well, I have them!  The winners are... Christina Grey and Amy Hill!  Congratulations!!  Thank you both for your support of our business.  Please go and pick out your cutters and email us so we can get those out to you!
I will try to get a September drawing organized and posted soon.  In the meantime welcome to all of you who are new to our blog!!