Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year

It's a New Year and I am determined to figure this blog thing out. I seriously do not know anything so if any of you more computer savvy people out there can offer me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. How do you get cool backgrounds and all of that?
Okay, so the purpose of me even writing this right now is just to see if I even know what I am doing. So here goes test number 1. Welcome ecrandal fans!


  1. Looks great so far, Eric. :-)

    I've tried some of those cool backgrounds, but the problem is, they are such a huge file that it bogs down your blog and makes it hard for it to open. I'd still with the plan set if you plan to put lots of pics on your blog.

    I'm glad to help if you need it.


  2. Thank you Pam! We are hoping that we are able to use this as an avenue to showcase decorated cookies, so I suppose that should dress the blog up a bit. We would love to add customers pictures of decorated cookies (done using ecrandal cutters of course ;) and link our site to the blog so that people can get decorating ideas. So, if you have any cookie pictures that we could use that would be awesome! We are having some trouble with our site provider right now (Homestead) they have not been very helpful in fixing any problems we have. We cannot even figure out how to put a link on our site. I want to have a link to this blog as well as a link to our facebook page but I cannot seem to figure it out. Any ideas?