Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fondant Decorating Tutorial by Cindy of!

I have a treat for you  today.  One of our awesome customers has done a special step-by-step cookie decorating tutorial, using fondant and our Life Ring cookie cutter.  Thank you Cindy for taking such great care and precious time to do this for us! You may visit all of her marvelous cookie and cake creations at!
1.  The first step in decorating cookies in fondant is to have everything you need set up ahead of time.  Fondant is the diva of all icings and demands to be dealt with “right now.”  There is no waiting period with fondant and air is the biggest enemy of fondant when you are decorating with it.  In this picture I have from top left the Ecrandal life ring cutter with inset.  Eric did a particularly good job with this cutter.  I made six cookies using a rolled cookie dough (any dough with the word “rolled” in the title will work.)  I used heated and strained peach preserves for my “glue” and to add extra flavor to the cookie.  The cookie is Vanilla flavor, as is the Satin Ice fondant (I chose the nautical theme of red, white and blue for these cookies) so the peach flavor gives a little zing to the cookies.
2.  Using the cutter and the inset, roll out the fondant and cut the fondant to fit the cookie.  The fondant is stretchy so don’t worry if it doesn’t fit exactly when you cut it.  Put the “glue” (strained preserves) on the back of the fondant (NOT on the cookie directly) and match up the fondant to the cookie, using the palette knife to help shape the fondant. 
3.  Your cookie should now look something like this.
4.  Get all the base cookies done first before starting on the detail work.
5.  Roll small logs of fondant in contrasting colors and cut about 1 inch lengths.  Lightly brush the preserve glue on the back and flatten onto the cookie with your finger.  Use the palette knife to straighten the contrasting logs and round the edges. 
6.  When the cookies are done, find a great piece of scrapbooking paper for a background and have fun with it!!  Bon Voyage!!

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